The Best Roofers in Toronto 

You are likely here because your roof has started to deteriorate and you’ve begun your hunt to hire the best roofer in the GTA. Whether you need a minor repair or full roof replacement you deserve to have a top-notch Toronto roofing service take care of you and your roof investment. Even if the job is urgent, you shouldn’t just rely on the first contractor who knocks on your door, be sure to get multiple quotes and be sure you understand everything that is in the estimate.

Above all you need to find a roofer who is trustworthy, honest, professional, and ensures safety. A qualified roofer will provide you quality-workmanship and will offer useful advice. Finding a skilled and reputable roofer is a challenging task.

To help you in your search we’ve made this guide about what to look for in a roofing contractor and what makes Serious Roofing the best roofer in Toronto.

What makes a roofing contractor the best roofing contractor in town?  

  1. Recommendations and References

A reliable roofing contractor has years of experience and is always willing to provide feedback from past jobs or clients. When interviewing a potential contractor be sure to ask if you can see some references their past clients. If possible, call them directly ask about experience they had with the contractor; was the service good? Was the roof completed in a timely manner? Were quality materials used?

At Serious Roofing Inc., we are delighted to have a five-star rating and positive feedback from our customers. Our clients love our customer service, and they are always willing to refer us to their friends and family members. We stay in touch with our customers and work hard to keep improving the value of their homes.

  • Experience

Before hiring a roofing contractor, make sure to ask about their experience. A roofer who has little to no experience may end up causing more harm than good. In contrast, an experienced roofer will always deliver better results with quality services. That’s because experienced roofers are more likely to have dealt with problems similar to what you are facing and know what to look for when expecting a roof, they’ve seen it all!

Serious Roofing has been in the trade for years and has a long and successful history in Toronto and the surrounding area. We’ve got a team of highly skilled and courteous workers who have the knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Our roofers are licenced professionals who have up-to-date training for safety and the know how to provide quality-workmanship. Our dedicated team has the experience in undertaking any type of roof repair or installation work.

We will provide you with honest recommendations based on our experience and options for how to proceed with the job and let you decide what is best for your home and budget.

  • Warranties

Experienced roofers offer warranties to back their workmanship. These warranties cover defects caused by improper installation on the roofer’s part. If you’re hiring a roofer who is not installing properly you’re putting yourself at financial risk. If something goes wrong in the installation process without a warranty you have to pay for their mistakes yourself. With a workmanship-warranty, the contractor will resolve any problems that occur, even if it is a couple of years down the line.

Serious Roofing offers our clients a 15-year warranty on labor and workmanship vs. many other roofing companies in Toronto who only offer a 10-year labor warranty. This warranty assures you that if anything goes wrong following a roof repair or replacement, we’ll take care of the issue and we provide you a list of items that are covered in our warranty so there are no surprises.

We guarantee that the roof we install is going to withstand Toronto’s harsh winters and humid summers. With Serious Roofing, you get peace of mind that your roof is in safe hands.

  • Quality Materials

A reputable roofing company always offers high-quality roofing materials that ensure higher protection and safety against the elements. When interviewing potential contractors be sure to ask about the range of material choices and why they work with those brands. Companies that work for your best interest offer a range of styles and colors of shingles. Roofing installations done with low-quality materials may provide a cheap fix but may lead to problems down the road.

At Serious Roofing we prioritize the use of high-quality roofing materials that are strong durable  and have the best reputation in the industry. Along with quality, we also believe in versatility. We make sure you have several options to choose from and offer extensive design and color choices to suit the unique style and taste of your home.

Accurate Estimates and Realistic Quotes

A reputable roofing contractor provides you a detailed estimate or bid that outlines all aspects of a project. The quote should be transparent, thorough and include the costs for material. It should also include details like permits and disposal. Low quality roofing contractors will often offer an extremely low price in an attempt to win the project but this low cost often comes at the expense of quality materials and workmanship which will ultimately cost you more.

Serious Roofing offers a thorough, easy to read quote. We provide a comprehensive and itemized scope of work that covers all aspects of your roofing project. There’re no hidden costs or surprises. We’re happy to answer any questions about our offered quotes.

Bottom line – At Serious Roofing, we offer our clients the best of everything: detailed estimates, customer service, quality material and workmanship, a comprehensive warranty and peace of mind. We work hard to offer extremely professional roofing services and never hesitate to go that extra mile to exceed your expectations.

Still not sure where or how to find the best roofers in Toronto for your next roof repair or replacement project? Call us or email us today and our team of dedicated professionals will be happy to answer any question you may have or come to your home for a fast, free quote.