March 14, 2017


Services Offered

At Serious Roofing we offer a wide range of services to make it easier for our clients to choose the right options when servicing their roofing needs.  Below are the most common roofing issues along with their respective solutions. We would like to explain each stage to educate our clients and help them find the least expensive and most direct option needed for them.  This helps keep the cost of our services MUCH lower, which we love passing on to our clients!



We use locally sourced, high quality shingles that are the highest quality and built to last the harsh Canadian weather!


Adding a properly installed underlayment layer is an essential part of creating a durable roof that provides a seal to protect your family from the elements. The patented and tested  IKO Commercial Grade Ice and Water Shield is made to withstand Canadian elements for many years!


Skylights are an excellent way to add natural light into your home. You would be shocked at how much your mood can improve with just a little touch of light in some dark areas of your house.


Flashing is the process of applying several layers of materials to protect the most damage susceptible part of your roof, the joints! We start with an ice and water shield, then we measure and cut an accurate stainless steel covering and seal every gap with a lasting roof caulking protection. Flashing is used to seal and protect joints on a roof from water penetration by directing water flow away from these otherwise vulnerable areas.  For flashing to function properly, it is important that it is installed correctly.


Having proper ventilation installed on your roof can save you lots of money in air conditioning costs, and help prevent respiratory disease by allowing your home to circulate fresh air for your family to breathe.


With unpredictable Canadian weather, sometimes roofing damage happens.  Serious Roofing is available to provide you with a no-obligation estimate so that you know the best deal you can save money for more important purchases.